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Kenda, with 50 years of experience and innovation in the tyre business, has been building a better tyre for life's most demanding activities. From industrial to passenger car tyres to bikes and ATV and more Kenda has a winning track record.

Car Tyres

All season and summer

• Komet Plus KR23 tyres –reduced noise, reliable traction for all weather conditions, 45,000 mileage warranty
• Komet SPT-2 KR09 tyres –provides enhanced high-speed handling stability, durability, noise reduction
• Komet SPT-1 KR10 tyres –durability, rim protector to guard rims from accidental curb damage, durability, and tread noise reduction
• Kaiser KR20 tyres –greater stability and grip, long wear life
• Kenetica KR17 tyres –all season offering dependability and safety, excellent grip in a variety of harsh conditions, reduced noise
• Vezda Eco KR30 tyres –all season for premium, high performance touring cars, reduces C02 emissions, great fuel economy, quiet ride


• Wintergen KR19 tyres –features enhanced traction performance in both dry and snowy conditions, drains water to provide resistance to aquaplaning, superior high speed performance
• Klever S/T KR52 tyres –features enhanced snow traction, better steering response and stability, improved wet traction and resistance to aquaplaning
• Klever H/P KR15 tyres –for suvs provides great fuel economy and excellent handling capability, better grip, lower noise
• Klever A/P KR05 tyres –provides stable cornering capability, comfortable handling and stability

Power sports

• Southwick II K780 tyres –designed for sand and mud conditions, reduced knob roll in soft areas with hard base, increased wear durability
• Millville II K785 tyres –designed to work extremely well in soft to intermediate conditions, traction and durability, Improved braking traction
• Klaw XC K532, K533 tyres –will meet the demands of the toughest cross country terrain
• Pathfinder K530 tyres –perfect O.E.M. Replacement tyres for 4x4 ATV and Utility Vehicles


Kenda Tyres

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