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Taking a close look at the top performing tyre brands

According to Brand Finance the top performing tyre brands for 2017 are as follow:

  • Bridgestone
  • Michelin
  • Continental
  • Goodyear
  • Pirelli

Those 5 brands are being ranked, now let’s take a closer look at them.

Trye size and type brands

Bridgestone – Started in Japan in 1930/1931. The brand has been evaluated for 2017 with the amount of $7,413 Million USD. That puts them as the largest budget tyres manufacturer worldwide. Bridgestone tyres are being carefully engineered and designed to maintain best standards when it comes to supporting the vehicle weight, to be able to break immediately when necessary by transmitting the braking force to the ground, to take rough corners, and to absorb the shock when hitting the surface. It is one of the manufactures that provides cheap tyres online.

Best tyres

Michelin – Found in France, 1889. Second largest brand after Bridgestone with a brand value of $6,089 million USD. Out of world tyre companies, Michelin has a long history in the motorsports especially in Europe where they have the major part of the market. Michelin is focused to provide the best traction and grip on any surface, the longevity of the tyre so you can use it for the longest, fuel efficiency, and handling.

Continental – Originally found in Germany in 1871. They are the third biggest brand on the market for 2017 with an estimated brand value of $3,612 Million USD. Continental is focused on improving the lives of the tyre by providing their clients with tyres that can be used for many kilometers. See their page and compare tyre prices.

Goodyear – Found in America in 1898 firstly they were focused on creating bicycle tyres but around 1976 they went into the car tyre business. Brand value is estimated around $2,099 Million USD.

Pirelli – The fifth biggest brand for 2017 with an estimated brand value of $1,821 Million USD. Founded originally from Milan, Italy in 1872. It is one of the super cheap tyres makers.

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Tyre comparison

Want to be aware of the tyre prices online? Based on those five brands you can make a proper online research what exactly type of quality tyres you are looking for and make your buying choice. Depending on the conditions you are going to drive and the type of vehicle you might decide to go with other big brands or even smaller once and then go for the most affordable tyres. The great thing about tyres is that currently the tyre market is on a raise and there are a lot of technological innovations happening in it. Which leads to better performing, less noisy, and more comfortable tyres out there to choose from? A comparison will give you the glimpse of best tyre deals. The prices are getting cheaper for the high-performance tyres which make the driver have a better experience for less money. If the tyre stores in the market keep growing like that by 2020 are expected major design and engineering innovations that will make the tyres way better than they used to be. Even now the winter and off-road tyres are made as quitter as possible since back in the days they use to be awful to drive and the comfort and traction were not as good as nowadays tyres. So the tyre market is definitely a place that will bring a lot of innovations in the next couple of year and we the users will have a better driving experience. For an online tyre purchase, you will need a few seconds to place order tyres online. 

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