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When has come the time to change the tyres of your motorcycle

Motorcycle tyres need to be maintained or replaced at regular intervals. Most of the riders don’t know when precisely to change the tyres of their bike. While your bike may come with brand new tyres and they are working perfectly fine for now, no matter how good you maintain them there is going to come a time to change them with new once. This quick read is going to help you know when that time has come to throw the old tyres away and get on the market for a new one.

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You pay the price for not only your tyres. It is against the value you get. Strong, safe, and great tyres are your priority, we know. Tyres start getting worn out. Basically, you can see the damage and usually uneven damage on the tyre that is a major indicator is a time to change the old tyres with new ones. Usually, the biggest indicator when riders decide to change the tyres is when the sidewall of the tyre starts cracking and having defects.

Another indicator is when the tread starts getting worn out. Usually, you are going to see that the tread design is getting smaller and in general riding doesn’t feel as good it is a bit bumpier and the whole bike is vibrating a bit more than usual. And the last thing that can trace the tyre use is for how long you have been using your tyres. Usually, 6000 to 9000 km is the general rule but the best way is to check your tyres manufacturer manual and then decide whether to keep using them or change to a new one. Either case new or old you should maintain your tyres properly so let’s have a quick chat about how to do that.

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In order to give your tyres the longest use, you must be sure they are properly inflated at least once per month. If you are heavily riding with them especially on an off-roads then even after every riding session. Not properly inflated tyres are the worst thing that happens to them since they start getting uneven damage and you are unable to use them properly. The easiest and smartest way to measure the pressure of your tyres is with a $10 USD pressure gauge you can get online or from any local mechanic store. It shows the PSI (Pressure per Square Inch) of your tyre and it can indicate when the time to inflate them is. In regards of what is the proper PSI, you should again check the manual book of your tyres because it is varying from different motorcycles and different tyres.

With that quick use of your tyres you can feel comfortable on the road and as we have said already take care of your tyres so they can take care of you. 

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