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The company who manufactures Achilles Tyre, PT Multistrada Arah Sarana (MASA), was founded in 1991.  
They manufacture tyres for passenger cars, light truck, SUVs, winter tyres, and racing tyres.

Passenger car tyres

•    Achilles tyres PLATINUM 7 –reduced tire noise, longer tread wear, enhanced driving comfort
•    Achilles tyres PLATINUM –improved handling, cornering, and water drainage for less risk of aquaplaning
•    ATR-K tyres Economist –better stability, traction, and braking, safer in wet conditions
•    Achilles tyres ATR SPORT 2 –improved traction in both wet or dry conditions, stability and cornering, reduced aquaplaning, quieter ride
•    Achilles tyres ATR SPORT –fuel efficient, reduced road noise, improved grip on wet and dry roads, and stability
•    Achilles tyres ATR K Sport –improved handling, cornering, and braking
•    Achilles tyres 2233 –increased control and stability, cornering, reduced aquaplaning
•    Achilles tyres 122 –reduced risk of aquaplaning, improved braking and stability

SUVs tyres

•    Achilles tyres Desert Hawk X MT –better traction and braking performance for all terrains
•    Achilles tyres DESERT HAWK UHP –reduced fuel consumption, better stability and traction
•    Achilles tyres DESERT HAWK MT –excellent off road performance
•    Achilles tyres DESERT HAWK H/T –resistance to aquaplaning, reduced noise levels, increased traction on wet surfaces
•    Achilles tyres DESERT HAWK A/T –reduced aquaplaning, improved traction, stability, for all seasons both on and off road

Light truck tyres

•    Achilles tyres X-GRIP –longer tread life, quiet ride, increased all season traction
•    Achilles tyres MULTIVAN –longer tyre life, reduced risk of aquaplaning
•    Achilles tyres LTR 80 –better fuel economy, longer tread wear, better grip on and off road

Winter tyre

•    Achilles tyres WINTER 101 –better traction and handling in winter conditions

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