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Vredestein QUATRAC LITE All-Season tyres for cars

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All-season tires with fuel saving potential for urban driving

Drivers of small compact cars with green views can consider Vredestein Quatrac Lite for a smooth city drive. It is an all-season model that meets environmental friendliness demands and precision in driving requirements, as tests carried out by Auto Bild magazine in 2014 showed.

Technical features of Vredestein Quatrac Lite tires

Quatrac Lite boasts a full polymer compound to which the model owes its adaptability to a range of temperatures. Thus, it preserves its flexibility in cold and hot weather, and which makes it an all-season versatile solution.

The tread features three wide grooves on the tire’s circumference coupled with scattered flexing points. This enables the tire to efficiently displace water and snow. Aquaplaning is consequently reduced, and traction on slick roads is increased. Performance on short stopping distances is guaranteed by design regardless of weather, which is why the model is rightfully considered an all-season option.

The main compound of the tire is also an environmentally-friendly material, which is a godsend for drivers who care about their environmental impact as well as their own comfort and safety. In addition, due to precision in handling and low rolling resistance, the tire enables the car to execute a smooth ride that doesn’t require excess fuel consumption.

Benefits review in a nutshell

Some customers consider city driving to be more challenging than off road experiences. When the need to respond to these challenges with a fit tire model combines with the economically motivated and morally compelling principle to act to the best interest of the environment, drivers consider Quatrac Lite to be a fine purchase option.

Safety, eco-friendliness and the pleasure of a smooth ride are the three advantages drivers are benefitted with by this particular Vredestein product.

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