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Fulda Carat Progresso Summer tyres for cars

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Fulda Carat Progresso

The Fulda Tyre Manufacturing company is one of the top most leading companies of Germany, offering all across Europe the affordable tyre of high quality, covering a wide category of vehicle tyres like 4*4, farm markets, light trucks and passenger cars. It was founded in the year 1906 in the city of Fulda and hence named after that. It is among the members of Goodyear group that is the most popular tyre brand in most of the German drivers. Due to the expected high product standard it has to maintain, high quality products with a long driving span adjusting in almost all extreme conditions. As their customer never settle for anything less than a quality product, it is the most challenging tyre in the German market. The company possesses a highly qualified and well equipped working staff of 1,800 people producing around 8 million tyres annually. Their tyres are distributed across Europe in 28 different countries.

Fulda Carat Progresso is one the best tyres of Fulda company. It is a high performance summer tyre specifically designed to be fitted in passenger cars. It has a high dry and wet grip, maintaining a balance between it for easy handling and a smooth driving experience. It is a tyre of such type that excels in rain. It is designed with the specific purpose of optimized handling. It covers a wide range of vehicle tyre including High end tyre and mid-size vehicles. The best feature of this tyre is it’s superb aquaplaning resistance with excellent wet grip and it also is very quiet. It also decreases the fuel consumption making it very economical for use along with its high level of progressiveness which indicates that they are very useful tyre with longevity and easy steering. It has a good wear level providing high performance dry braking. Its unique tyre pattern with grooves provides water drainage for cooling and prevent heat radiation during high speed. It also possesses heat build-up system. It has low rolling speed with high cornering speed and increased traction. Its strong grip enables deep and sharp bend. It’s a complete package to buy.

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