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Exceptional Winter Tires


The Dunlop SP Winter Response 2 are high quality and high performance winter tires are made to be used with small cars.  These tires are designed to be able to enhance the winter weather traction of the cars that they are used on.  These tires perform at a very high level and do not sacrifice that ability when road and weather conditions get bad.  Thanks to these tires wide variety of modern technological features they refuse to perform at any ability but their best ability.  They are capable of this because of their high silica tread compounds which are made to retain their elasticity even at low temperature, which increases the traction of these tires on snow and ice. 


Molded for High Performance


This compound also helps these tires because the compound is molded into an unique and innovative asymmetric tread pattern that delineates specific tasks to specific parts of the tire, thus maximizing its performance.  These tires have circumferential and lateral grooves, along with two sipe designs which increase the handling and braking ability of these cars even if they are doing so while the road is covered in snow.  This culminates in a tire that performs well under a wide variety of weather and road conditions from wet roads to icy roads. 


Great Tires Inside and Out


These tires are designed to work great, inside and out.  On the inside these tires boast twin steel bands reinforced by spirally wound nylon on top of Dunlop Touch Technology's signature polyester casing.  These tires also boast a Jointless Belt which creates a smooth and even wear on the tires, which leads to a longer life for the tires.  So for a long lasting tire that creates a smooth, stable and safe drive, choose the Dunlop SP Winter Response 2 for your winter drives.


Dunlop SP Winter Response 2


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