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Petlas tyres were established in 1976, with the goal of being a global brand featuring safety, environmental awareness and economy as well as targeting the next generation with technological products and services.

Passenger car tyres


Summer tyres

•    Elegant PT311 tyres –reduced noise levels, good grip for cornering and stability, on both wet and dry surfaces, long tread wear
•    Imperium PT515 tyres –better control and handling, reduced rolling resistance for better fuel economy, better cornering
•    Progreen PT525 tyres –long tread wear, better grip in both dry and wet conditions, good fuel economy, reduced noise levels for quieter ride

All season tyres

•    Imperium PT535 tyres –provides a smoother ride, longer tread wear, better grip on both dry and wet surfaces, better fuel economy

Winter tyres

•    Snow-master-w601 tyres –higher braking safety and grip on winter roads, reduced road noise for quieter comfortable ride, better fuel economy
•    Snow Master W651 tyres –better grip and shorter braking distances on snowy surfaces, quieter comfortable ride from reduced noise level

SUV and 4X4 tyres


All seasons

•    Explero PT411 tyres –very good fuel economy, good grip in both dry and wet surfaces, lower road noise for quieter ride
•    Explero PT421 tyres –not as good on fuel economy but better grip on both dry ad wet surfaces


•    Explero PT431 tyres –good grip, lower noise, good fuel economy


•    Explero W671 tyres –reduced noise, good grip and fuel economy


Petlas Tyres

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